Complete preparation tips for Gate Exam

  • 2. GATE PREPARATION TIPS The GATE Examination is one of the most important national level entrance examination engineering graduates for taking admission in various IITs and NITs. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. This is true for all life lessons including exams. Here we chekrs.entrance. com providing you all the complete GATE 2018 Preparation tips.
  • 3. • Complete Info About GATE 2018 GATE 2018 Exam is an online examination of three hours.  It consists of 65 Questions out of which 35 Questions are of 2 Marks and 30 Questions are of 1 Mark. The question paper consists of two types of Question: •Multiple Choice •Numerical Answer Type Questions There will be 2/3rd negative marking in 2 marks Questions and 1/3rd negative marking in 1 Mark Questions. There is no negative marking in Numerical Answer type Questions. Negative marking applicable only for MCQ’s
  • 4. • Should Know The Syllabus Before starting the preparation you should Go through the complete syllabus of GATE. You should plan your preparation with known topics of GATE Syllabus and try to match your knowledge with the GATE exam syllabus. First You should highlight the important topics of the syllabus based on previous year GATE Papers and focus more on those topics during of your preparation.
  • 5. • Study Materials and Books Candidates should appropriate and concise study Material which is very important before starting Preparing for the GATE 2018 Exam. You should read at least one book apart from the study Material which is provided by your class notes. You can get study material online in the form of video lectures, course materials PDF, so you can pursue best study material. You should also refer the books followed during under graduate course.
  • 6. • Smart Study Analyze the important topics and pattern of Questions from previous year Question papers. After studying a subject, practice previous year Questions for that particular subject which will help you to analyze your preparation and also boost your confidence. Prepare each topic in three steps: Understand the Concept. Practice Related Questions. Revise Regularly.
  • 7. • Perfect Study Plan To crack GATE Exam 2018 prepare a plan for 3 to 9 months. The plan should include Completion of course, Practice and Mock Tests, Revision. It is a good idea to make a time table and formulate your daily tasks. Once you have set daily, weekly and monthly targets, you will see better results from the same amount of effort.
  • 8. • Revision Plan It is not just sufficient enough to prepare revision notes, but also to revise them regularly. Read the revision notes on a weekly basis to recall the concepts of prepared subjects. Each time you revise the same topic/subject, your revision time will reduce to recall the concepts.
  • 9. • Mock Tests You can practice the mock tests in two ways. One is self-practice on a daily basis, and other is attempting online mock tests. Practice the mock tests to improve the performance. Performance depends on how much time devoted to answering each question and how many questions are answered correctly.
  • 10. •Practice Test Series Last 30 days should be allocated to revision and giving Practice tests. Practice more tests, identify the weaker topics in each test and revise them. Join all India Test Series so that you can analyze your level before the actual exam and with the help of it you can work on your weak areas. Practice at least 2 tests every day in the month of January.
  • 11. • Last Minute Strategy You should not to read any new topic in during the last days. You should focus on revising the concepts and important Questions which you have marked during your preparation. You should keep your mind relaxed and take proper sleep before the exam. This will help you in recollecting things during exam hours. You should be ready with your GATE 2018 Admit Card and know your center before the exam day.

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