Data Interpretation for Career Aptitude Test

  • 1.Data Interpretation for Career Aptitude Test
  • 2. What is Data Interpretation? • Data Interpretation test is used to determine a person’s ability to abstract the correct data from the given tables, graphs and charts. • It is an important and most scoring section in all the competitive exams including CAT, GMAT,GRE, BANK PO & other competitive MBA entrance exams. • Data Interpretation in CAT can be divided into Data Interpretation and Data
  • 3. DI in CAT consists of :  Tables  Graphs  Bar Graph- Simple bar graph Subdivided bar graph Multiple bar graph  Line Graph  Pie Chart  Combined Graph  Caselets
  • 4. • A statistical table is the logical listing of related quantitative data in vertical columns and horizontal rows of numbers with sufficient explanatory and qualifying words, phrases and statements in the form of title, heading and notes. Tables:
  • 5. Bar Graphs: • Bar diagram consists of a number of equidistant rectanges, one for each category of the data in which magnitudes are represented by the length or height of the rectangle. • A bar graph is one dimensional as only length of the bar is considered.
  • 6. Line Graph: • Ling graph are used to show how a quantity changes. • If the line graph goes up, quantity is increasing and vice versa. • If the line is horizontal, the quantity is
  • 7. Pie Chart: • Pie Chart is a pictorial representation of numerical data by non-intersecting adjacent sectors of a circle. • 1% of total value = 360/100 = 3.6 degrees
  • 8. Tips to crack DI: 1. Averages, Percentages & Ratio and Proportion: These three chapters from Quantitative Aptitude are
  • 9. Tips to crack DI: 4. Approximations: Instead of wasting time in doing lengthy calculations, calculations, you must try to solve the questions using questions using approximations. 5. Units Never ignore the units given for the variables

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