Different type of Websites Used for Digital Marketing – Tutorial Part 3

Different types of Websites Used for Digital MarketingIn this article of our Digital Marketing Tutorial we are going to discuss about Different type of Websites that are used for Digital Marketing.

These websites can be called as Web Tools used for Digital Marketing as well.

Digital Marketing requires distribution of your Business’ Information to targeted or potential clients.

Internet is filled with potential customers. We should use our analytical skills to determine the targeted audience for our business.

We are sharing our list of Different typeof Websites that are used for Digital Marketing:

  1. Your Own Business Website

Most important part of Digital Marketing is having a Business Website. Although we can have as many pages as we want in a website but a website with atleast 6-7 pages is a must in Digital Marketing.

These pages are titled as Home, About, Contact, Services and Products etc.

It is suggested to create individual web pages for your Products and Services.

Creating Individual Pages will give you a better opportunity of Search Engine Optimization. You can give related keywords to respective services and products instead of using all keywords at once.

More number of pages will be indexed in search engines and probability of getting higher rank in search engines will also increase.

If you want to sell products online, build a website with E-Commerce Functionality.

You must buy an attractive and easy to remember domain name for your website. Having your Business name in the domain name will be an added advantage.

  1. Business Profiles on Social Media Websites

Having a business website is not sufficient. A business website will represent your business on the web with only one domain name.

You can take help of Social Media Websites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube and many more.

These websites are also called social networks as they have billions of people connected to each other.

People Who Share Common Interests are connected, people who know each other are connected, people who follow other people are connected and there are many combinations in which people are connected on Social Media.

If you have your presence on social media, the probability of being found on internet increases.

People on social media like and join groups with common interests and industry of their liking.

Creating Social Media Profiles will increase the number of Web Links that are associated with your business profiles.

3. Business Page on Web Directory Websites

Web Directory websites store and provide information about other websites and business. All famous online directory websites have business information of millions of users.

Many internet users rely on these directory websites to find information about services, products and other business providers.

Businesses are added on the basis of their respective niche or category.

You should also add your business in these directory website to get a backlink and page that belongs to your business.

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