What is Digital Media – Part 2 – Digital Marketing Tutorial

what is digital mediaIn the previous part of this tutorial we discussed about definition and basic understanding of Digital Marketing. In this part of tutorial we will discuss about Digital Media.

We can break Digital Media into two words and try to understand the meaning of each word separately, this will give us a clear definition of the complete word.

Digital in this case is Digitized Version of the Promotional Information created for any business product or service.

We can write a piece of text and convert it into a PDF or use it in a Website. We can also create a Video Presentation or Ad that can be distributed online.

What is Media?

Media is the plural form of Medium. Media is collective communication outlets that are used to transfer information or Data. Media has primarily two applications:

  • Storing the Information or Data
  • Delivering the information or data

What are the Different Forms of Media?

  • Advertising media
  • Broadcast media
  • Digital media
  • Electronic media
  • Hypermedia
  • Interactive media
  • Mass media
  • Multimedia
  • New media
  • News media
  • Print media
  • Published media
  • Recording medium
  • Social media

When Information interchange or communication is done using printed papers or canvas, the Media is termed as Print Media.

What is Digital Media?

When exchange of information occurs with the help of Internet and Electronic Devices connected to internet, the Media is termed as Digital Media. 

Such type of media is encoded in the Machine Understandable formats.

Following Operations can be performed on Digital Media Using Digital Electronics Devices:

  • Creation
  • Display
  • Distribution
  • Modification
  • Preservation

Digital Media is the electronic media used to store, transmit, and receive digitized information.

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