IBPS PO | IBPS CLerk | Math Basics

IBPS PO | IBPS CLerk | Math Basics
Mathematics Basic tips & tricks

IBPS Banking Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude

Few tips for brushing up your mathematical skills and in speeding up your calculations to qualify IBPS banking exam. Achieving good score in bank PO and bank clerical, and other competitive exams is very important. A student should master in few basic mathematics methods because of which he can easily solve any difficult calculation in mind. If a student practices in these 5 topics of mathematics. He can easily crack any IBPS Bank PO, IBPS Bank Clerk, IBPS RRB, SSC, NICL, LIC AO/AAO and other competitive exams.:


We all are familiar with multiplication since childhood. Because all of us have gone thru hours of practice in learning tables from 2 to 25, therefore trying different variations by multiplying 2-digit number to 3-digit and so on. But as we grew up we realized that we can solve those questions easily or just can calculate in our minds. Some of those methods for cracking IBPS Banking, SSC & other competitive exams are:

• Cross Multiplication
• Matrix method of multiplication
• Base Method of Multiplication


Percentage is a very important topic for any IBPS, Banking & competitive exams. Because it is the base of calculating any digit with reference to any digit we must study percentage. Therefore by mastering in percentage one can easily solve Profit & Loss, Simple interest, Compound Interest. One can easily understand and can calculate percentage of any complex number within 30 seconds.
E.g. : 65% of 980 or we can split this into
[50% of 980 + 10% of 980 + 5% of 980]
[490 + 98 + 49]

It is obvious that we can easily calculate 50%, 10%, 5% of any no in our mind. Therefore we just have to add up all digits instead of basic method which takes multiplication and division.

Ratio & Proportion:

Another important topic for qualifying in IBPS Banking exam calculations is Ratio and proportion. In ration and proportion we study the change between two or more numbers given because of each other. Suppose if first number is increasing therefore it will have change over other number to some extent. If a student masters well in Ratio and proportion he can easily solve questions on Speed, Time and distance, Work and Time.

One main method for calculating all these three is Unitary Method. By mastering in unitary method of cross multiplication one can easily solve all these topics. It is one of the most important parts of Numerical aptitude. Its implications are in each and every topic of Mathematics.

By practicing well in these topics student can easily solve Data Interpretation and simplification. These two topic itself comprises of qualifying segment of IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk , SSC and other exams.

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