Prepare For 10th and 12th Class Board Exams

2. Exam Preparation Tips Examination in India starting in upcoming months. Currently in India various board and universities conduct the board exam.  Mainly class 10th board exam very important for students. Every one wants to get higher marks in exam and secure seat in merit results. 
3. Exam Preparation Tips Board exam moments are so sensitive time for students. Class 12th students feel so nerves during exam time because they afraid most if don’t get god marks in board exam.  Then how get good college for higher education.  Students parents also pressurize to them for do study more in exam time. 
4. Tips For 12th Class Student  First step for students is only study accordingly syllabus pattern. You can check your syllabus pattern in official website of your board.  Study according subject wise. Students have lots of subject to study in fewer times.  In study time don’t use your gadgets like video games, mobile or i-pad.  Avoided talking with friends and watching television.  Also taking help form previous year paper and mock test paper form various institute.
5. Tips For 12th Class Student  With the help of previous paper easily get idea about question paper pattern.  To get high marks in exam do practice more.  Always feel fresh during study time. So avoid whole night study plan.  Feel fresh and energetic in exam time so eating well and sleeping well. Try to avoiding oily food in exam.  Making notes for each subject it’s very important in exam times.
6. Tips For 12th Class Student  If you have any doubt in syllabus or question don’t fell hesitate to asking your teacher or elder cousins.  Avoid your personal life for some days only concentrate on study.  Always follow time management which you made in previous and check regularly that you follow or not.  Improve your writing speed and first attempt these question which are you know exact answer
7. Tips For 12th Class Student In your answer book explain each answer very carefully with help of proper diagram and points.  Try to attempt all question in exam. Check Various Board Date Sheet: 12th Date Sheet 2014  CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2014  ISC Board 12th Date Sheet 2014
8. Tips For 10th Class Student  Firstly students need to set realistic target for study. Make time management for study.  Do not plan for study whole day or night.  Students need to stop panicking (or afraid from exam.)  Take it easy and behave like its normal routine exams.  Try building concept firstly solve basic concepts.
9. Tips For 10th Class Student  Starting from zero or basic . Don’t lose your confidence Take rest properly or sleep well in exam time  Avoiding stress do some meditation or Yoga its help to concentration on your study.  Avoid last minute preparation. In last minute of exam take chill pill  Studying using diagram and pie chart
10. Tips For 10th Class Student  In exam make neat and clean diagram in your answer book.  Read question carefully and gives answer step wise steps.  If you prepare some notes in class time then revise them.  Study accordingly syllabus. Gives some mock or sample test at home before few days of exam  If your preparation is well then no need to worry surely you get success.
11. Want To check Out Date Sheet  10th Date Sheet 2014  CBSE 10th Date Sheet 2014  NIOS 10th Date Sheet 2013  ICSE Board 10th Date Sheet 2014  For More See At Face book  Online India Education 
Prepare For 10th and 12th Class Board Exams.

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