How Prepare General Awareness for IBPS PO and Clerk Exams

General Awareness is an essential section to clear in the IBPS banking examinations for Rural Banks and Nationalized Banks.

General Awareness is a scoring section which can improve your overall score.

General Awareness basically cover all Current Affair topics. It is very vast and difficult to learn if it is not done properly.

In order to prepare general awareness for IBPS exams you can follow these tips:

Questions asked in IBPS Examination are mainly from the events occurred in the last 3 t0 6 months.

  1. Read Newspapers Daily

You have to focus on the front page and last page news for recent updates.

These pages mainly cover national and international issues and information about inventions, development and discoveries in specific fields of science.

Read Sports section of Newspapers for articles like Tournament Victory by teams, Medal Victory by Individual or Teams, Upcoming tournaments etc.

Read Finance Section for recent developments in the Economical Sector.

  1. Read Weekly or Monthly Magazines

Weekly or monthly magazines like India Today, Pratiyogita Darpan etc. are very useful for reading current affairs. You can also purchase thin books which publish monthly current affairs.

These books try to cover each and every event or issue that occurred during a particular period of time.

You can read the articles and make short notes of your own to revise the topics later.

  1. Install News Apps in your mobile phone

Smartphone owners can download and install daily news update apps. News apps send push notifications whenever a new article is published.

Push Notifications are eye catching and you can click the notifications to read full article.

It is very easy to find topic of any category in these apps.

Finding news of your choice is also an easy process. You can also filter articles by month name.

  1. Read and Subscribe to Job Preparation Websites

There are thousands of excellent websites on internet which publish exam preparation material daily. They publish daily, weekly and monthly current affairs topic and you can subscribe to their newsletters to receive push notifications on your phone or email.

  1. Participate in Practice Exams

You can participate in online or offline practice exams to test your knowledge and speed.


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